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Before the Year of 2006 is gone over to 2007.

The 15th of December  

Sysop's TechNet members has choice of getting Conference Mail by News Reader.

The 16th of December  

Sysop's TechNet Members got choice of use List and List Server for getting Conference Mail by ListServer and by E-mail.

The 17th of December is there working on Reading Lists and News by Web.  

From the 18th of December and up to Christmas is there working on getting the web finish and on update the Informationn packs to the new 2007 Releasing.

From  2007 and up to 2010 some work was done and some not

From 2010 and on to year 2011 New nodes got in to Sysop’s Tech and the Web site was worked a little more and some choice was added.