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STN What's 2  

Sysop's TechNet is pleased to announce that we are fully equipped to handle

a large amount of nodes via the internet.  At our disposal we are utilizing

The E-mail trasport and the  TransX  method of transporting mail, as well as

WaterGate's MailTunnel feature  and FidoNet2Internet Mailer.  We also have

FTP transfers, IPMailer transfers (ie.BinkD), Vmodem, Internet Rex, and

AllFix transfers available. Just recently we have acquired the ability to

transport *QWK* network packets via  the  internet,  as  well  as transport STN

packets via the BeemNet(tm) transport utility for Beemail.

People can and will be fed via the internet (if they so choose) if there is

no one currently in their local calling area receiving the network.

We  have had internet transport for Sysop's TechNet since day one, but only

recently  have  we begun to structure it in such a way that we can handle a

large  number of nodes via our internet hubs.  The way things stand now, we

are ready to carry many new nodes, all across the globe.

To  qualify  for  receiving  STN  mail via the internet, simply fill out an

application  completely,  answering  those  questions  specific to internet

transport.Forward it your appropriate RC and we will take care of the rest.

We  are  also  looking  for  more people willing to be internet hubs, using

whatever resources you have  available to you.  We are specifically looking

for more FTP and a Vmodem hubs, however.