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About Sysop’s TechNet

What is Sysop's TechNet?  

Welcome  to  the  Sysop's  TechNet!   This  network was created to help

the sysop,  whether  they  be  novice or veteran.  If you are a sysop, and are

serious  about  sysoping and getting the most out of your BBS, this network

is for you.

This  net  came  into being, mentally, in the beginning of May 1996.  There

seemed  to  be  a lack of good sysop-oriented networks out there, and I had

been  asked  a  number  of  times where someone could find one.  So Vincent

Danen  decided  to start one.  After much discussion with STN's co-founder,

Kevin Nunn, STN came into being on May 16, 1996.

We  believe  that STN is a network that will bring a lot of much needed, or

much  wanted,  support  to  your  system.  This network is 100% open to any

sysops  who  wish to carry it.  The staff are 100% open to new ideas.  This

net  came  into  being  to  service  YOU,  not  the other way around.  Many

networks take their systems for granted.  Many networks treat their members

unfairly.   Many  networks are created to just create more numbers.  STN is

none  of  these.  Each sysop is treated fairly, each user on each system is

treated the same way. We believe STN should be informative, yet relaxed and

fun.   Remember,  this  network  is YOURS as much as it is ours.  It is our

desire, and purpose, to help YOU in whatever you may need.

With  a  support  staff and support system that rivals many great networks,

STN  will  quickly  work  it's  way into your "world".  Our hubs care about

their  nodes,  and they know what they're doing.  If you have any problems,

they'll be there to assist you, not mock you.