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About Sysop’s TechNet


As of May 6, 2005 has Gert Andersen 111:111/2 made a new homepage for Sysop's

TechNet and registreted 2 domains for Sysop's TechNet as sysopstechnet.com

and sysoptech.net there will be working on to be the 2 domains and webs for

Sysop's TechNet in the month after.

As of May 9, 2005 got new main domain for STN to work with main domain as

sysoptech.net (www.sysoptech.net) or domain sysopstechnet.com

(www.sysopstechnet.com) should too could be used and it will both go to

http://www.sysoptech.net ...

                                           Gert Andersen, STN IC