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About Sysop’s TechNet

We  hope you decide to give STN a try.  If you are one of the few of us who

try  to  help sysops as much as we can, this network is definately for you.

If you're still learning, this network is for you.  If you want to become a

"power sysop",  this  is  the  net  you'll  want.   If  you  just want more

information... you  get  the picture.  Give us a try, I'm sure you won't be


As  of  May  15 2000, STN absorbed TimeNet, an FTN network that had existed

since January 1990.  I  was also the IC of TimeNet and made the decision to

merge the two networks into one.

As of September 30, 2000, Vincent Danen, the founder of STN, has shut down

his BBS.  Vincent was the driving force that created STN and he will be

sorely missed.  We wish you the very best in the future Vincent!

As of Marth 1, 2005, started Gert Andersen on thinking on to getting

Sysop's TechNet in work again after the IC and ZC George Robert there should

working for it not has been to getting contact with and connect to in nearly

a year.

Starting to contact the RC's and starts working together with Jame Clay

RC 4000 for running good network.

As of April 1, 2005, was the first new nodelist send out to RC's with the

new number for RC's to connect to for Sysop's TechNet RC's so the flow between

US and Europe work working again and Gert Andersen worked as ZC2 111:111/2.

As of May 1, 2005, was Gert Andersen and Jame Clay gone into getting Sysop's

TechNet reorginazed and contact the RC's for getting things into a better