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Internet Rex connection to STN


Internet Rex Setup for Sysop's TechNet.

First you have to have some informations from Your Uplink!

The Information is Your Uplinks Number to poll, hostname to poll

and then your own Sysop's TechNet node number(s),

When you have this write them down:

Uplink AKA(s) :                        (number)

Uplink Real Name :   (firstname lastname)

Uplink Hostname in DNS :     (Hostname)

System Name : (BBS Name/SystemName)

My STN Number = (your new 111 number(s)

My own name = (your own real Name)

My BBS Name = (your BBS and System Name)

My own Hostname = (your dns hostname for internet use) (If any)

Now when you have this things on paper is time to setup Internet Rex for use to poll out (Windows Internet Rex).

Make first a directory named Ex. ({d:\irex\}) and unzip a the files from irexw229.zip into the irex new directory.

Now by msdos prompt go til drive D: and then "cd \irex" find the file or write command "rexcfgw" and runs it. You is now to see some choices, start with the path and filenames setup choice

and setup the path and filenames for Internet Rex, save the new setup for those, return to main menu and go to General setup and to Aka setup put in your own Aka number(s) and then your

BBS Name and System Name, when all this is setup is done for your self then save it and go back to Main Menu and take now Nodes Setup.