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QWK How-To.

QWK way is a new way to getting mail by there has started in about year 2000, it is done by a telnet system there is telnet as user to a uplink there is running a Telnet QQK hub system, it is too a special node who is a qwk node user.

Do Sysop's TechNet by QWK node.


To be member of Sysop's TechNet is there several ways to do this.

Join STN normal node by ftn mailer

Join STN by email transport

Join STN by NNTP News server (node)

Join STN by using Lists server email (node)

Join STN by QWK node

Getting STN feed by QWK as node.

Here will we tell of one of this, and it is the QWK node.

To be STN Member and node and use it by qwk access is it to contact IC first about it.

When you have contected IC ic@sysoptech.net about will ask you of

filling out a special formular for STN node QWK, this formular will aks you of

several things and when IC has got this will he reply back to with a QWK nodenumber and a QWK ID and number to use.