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 Sysop's TechHet FTP Directory Structure


 *PRIMARY* FTP Site : ftp://ftp.sysoptech.net

or   ZC's private FTP site : ftp://ftp.kofobbs.dk/



/pub/fido              -- The anonymous directries of free download

/pub/stn special files -- The anonymous directories for free STN files

/ftpstn                -- After 2:00 AM and after 3:30 PM all curent mail.

                         This is where the daily STN packets reside:

                           09******.zip   (Only PostLink Packets).

      stn-qwk.nnn    (QWK packets).

      stn-ftsc.nnn   (FTSC patks).

/previous              -- Hold last two days of all mail.

/ftpin                 -- sysops pickup their Private mail via FTP.

/ftpout                -- RC's/ZC pick up at 1:00 AM and 3:30 PM Sysops outgoing.

                         mail. QWK, FTSC, or maybe PostLink.

/name/in                -- Private Directories for each STN sysop.

/name/out                                    ""

/name/prv                                    ""




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