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FDssssss.NNN packets are sent to the ftp site /ftpin

 directory and will contain any personal NETMAIL, or

files sent to yor node.

 ** DO NOT ** Areafix if you are taking STNFTSC.NNN from

our ftp sites, or from the RC's! It duplicates the RC's/ZC's

effort, and wastes our resources.

AREAFIX to your uplinks number and let your system pack your

netmails to mail pack for outgoing.


All formats:

1) ssssss - is your STN site number.

NNNNNN - is a number, starting at 000, and incrementing

                by 1 for each packet, resetting to 000 when

                999 is reached.

2) The STN utility, FTPINRC.EXE for DOS/Win may be used to

 automatic remumber your packets. It is available on the

ZC and should be on the RC's system for download or freq,

and the FTP sites.


3) FTP login passwords may be change during the year.

Current ftp sysops in good standing will recieve the new

passwords via Internet email starting on the 25/26th day

of the previous month. and for the following 5 days.