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The way of setting things up is that you have a FTP Client and use directory

setup with /ftpout and /ftpin then download files from /name/in and upload

from /ftpout to /name/out.

This mean that mail to be send to other nodes by mail tosser is put in /out

and will go from the STN FTP place to the systems normal inbound, and mail to

you from others is packed and tossed from outbound to STN FTP in directory.

When sending mail and you like the mail to be processed shortly after it is

recieved on the FTP server you can make a little crappy file named toss.now

let it be send wit your upload and the system will see this file and move

the mail from FTP to the mailers normally inbound directory.

QWK Mail:

Packets are named in the following manner:

QUssssss.NNN - Packet going *to* the RC/ZC from you.

       QDssssss.NNN - Packet from RC/ZC to you.

Packets are compressed with ZIP/PKZIP, and renamed from

       KOFOBBS.REP for the site, or KOFOBBS.QWK from the RC/ZC.


FDssssss.NNN packets are sent to the ftp site /ftpin

 directory and will contain any personal NETMAIL, or

files sent to yor node.

 ** DO NOT ** Areafix if you are taking STNFTSC.NNN from

our ftp sites, or from the RC's! It duplicates the RC's/ZC's

effort, and wastes our resources.