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           Sysop's TechNet FTP Procedures



Please Contact The RC Nearest to you or the ZC for login's and password's.

Do not ask our FTP Site Sysop's, as login/password administration for this

service will be provided by the RC and ZC. FTP service is available to

every STN sysop in good standing.


The following proceure is that you write to the RC or ZC of be linked by FTP,

by a E-Mail one of those persons, and he will set you up and give you a

password and user ID for Login to the FTP server for mail.


FTSC Mail:


FTSC Mail by FTP is Up and Dowload as normal POTTS and Binkp mail is done,

in several FTSC mail packets and will the first times handle this ways.


Later on when will wee see if we make some special bundle packing like this:


FUssssss.NNN - Packet going *to* the RC/ZC from you.

FDssssss.NNN - Packet from RC/ZC to you.


       Packet are compressed with Zip/pkzip only.


Do not use the FTSC PACKET PASSWORD function.